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Your Security. Our Due Diligence.

Protecting your investment is paramount to our business and central to every decision we make.

All investments are secured against assets and you have a charge over the assets in the event of a default.

The Bonds are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. This means that the Central Bank has approved the Secured Note Programme as complying with the Prospectus, following a full regulatory review. Minerva Lending plc is required to carry out its activities in accordance with the terms of the Prospectus and the relevant Final Terms, each of which is available on request.

To minimise the risk of default we have developed a process that ensures we only extend loans to viable borrowers. Our loan approval process is central to the success of our business. Our team at Minerva Lending Management Limited has extensive experience in the field of commercial lending and has the skills to distinguish a safe transaction from a poor transaction.

Information for Investors

For full information about the security we offer, please read our guide for investors.

The checks we make

We have a three stage process to ensure that all the loans we make are safe, sensible and commercially viable:

  • 1 Minerva Lending Management Limited conducts thorough due diligence on every loan proposal.
  • 2 Every loan request must be approved by Minerva Lending Management Limited and the Credit Committee prior to being passed through to Minerva Lending plc's Directors for their consideration.
  • 3 The performance and credit quality of every loan is consistently monitored by the Minerva Lending Management Limited team.

Security Trustee

Minerva Lending plc has appointed U.S. Bank Trustees Limited, a business authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 462132), as the Issuer Security Trustee. This provides you with the peace of mind that there is an independent third party to administer the loans, and security in place in the interests of investors, should anything adverse happen to Minerva.

To find out more about your security, please read the information for investors or get in touch with us by telephone on: 0203 963 5970 or by e-mail at:

Case studies

We have delivered over £430m of facilities to private and public companies.

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