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Our Listed Bond is asset-backed and offers
up to 7% AER gross interest

Your capital is at risk. Please read the risk factors. Please note that this investment is only suitable for sophisticated, high net worth and restricted investors. Before you make any application, if you have any doubts about the suitability of the investments for you we recommend that you contact your Financial Advisor.

with Minerva

Our Listed Bond with secured investments gives you peace of mind that your money is earning a fixed rate of return whilst also benefitting from asset-backed security. The Minerva bond is listed on a regulated EU stock exchange. This means it is subject to EU main market prospectus rules which are designed to protect investors by setting high regulatory standards. It also means that your investment is transferable, and so you can sell your bond if you find your circumstances change.

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Key Features

  • Fixed rate up to 7% gross interest per annum
  • Invest from just £1,000
  • Receive interest payments every six months
  • Your investment is repayable in full at the end of your chosen investment period
  • Listed on a regulated European stock exchange
  • All investments are secured against high quality, tangible assets

Watch our video

Watch our video

How it all works

Calculate your returns

Discover how much harder your money can work for you with our Returns Calculator.

Invest in multiples of £1,000 with a minimum investment of £1,000 and no maximum.

Please Note: £1,000 equivalent to 1000 units at nominal £1 per unit invested; actual price invested will be dependent on the accrued interest at the time of purchase

Investment Date

Investment Method


Gross interest payments every 6 months

Final payment, gross interest and captial


Total term paid
Total return
Total % return on investment

Please Note: this calculator and the returns shown are indicative only and based on the nominal unit price of £1 per unit.
Your captial is at risk.

You will earn interest on the Minerva Bond at 7% gross per annum from the first day of the month after you complete your investment until the Redemption Date, which is due to be 30thJUNE 2022. The above calculations are provided for illustrative purposes only.

The amount of net interest you will receive on your investment in the Minerva Bond after tax and charges will be less than the above illustration for the following reasons:

  1. The amount received will depend on the actual date you complete an investment.
  2. Income tax may be payable on the interest you receive. This will depend on your personal financial circumstances including the amount of other savings income you earn annually. From 6 April 2016, UK basic and higher rate tax payers are entitled to an annual tax free Personal Savings Allowance, currently £1,000 and £500 respectively. This is our understanding of current UK tax laws and may be subject to change.
  3. You may incur charges from your broker relating to custody of your Minerva Bond in CREST. If you opt for the custody arrangements provided by InterestMe, this will cost £3 per annum for every £1,000 invested and will be paid out of interest received from Minerva

Information for Investors

Before making any decision, it is advisable to fully acquaint yourself with all of the facts.

Invest with Minerva

Our listed bonds offer up to 7% gross per annum

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