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Your capital is at risk. Please read the risk factors. Before you make any application, if you have any doubts about the suitability of the investments for you we recommend that you contact your Financial Advisor.

About Minerva

The Minerva Note Programme is a high-return debt programme with a focus on investing in and financing UK and European real estate development and asset management opportunities.

The Opportunity

Experienced, mid-market real estate businesses seeking total project finance packages of £5M - £100M can no longer rely solely on traditional bank lending and as such are increasingly dependent on the expanding private debt market. These borrowers require funding partners who have in-depth knowledge of macro markets, opportunistic investment mandates and access to the required capital to lend. Minerva Lending PLC has established its Note Programme to fill this gap identified and finance UK and European real estate development and asset management projects.

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ARC rating: BBB- (investment grade)*

Rating applies specifically to Series 9 of note programme

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