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ISA eligible for tax-free returns

Take back control.

Enjoy high fixed returns of up to 7% AER gross
with the security of asset-backing.

The Minerva Listed Bond

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Your capital is at risk. Please read the risk factors. Please note that this investment is only suitable for sophisticated, high net worth and restricted investors. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the investments for you, we recommend that you contact your Financial Advisor.



Our lending team has arranged over £430 million of asset-backed financing
globally since 2013

Our passion to deliver

We’re finance and property professionals who, to date, have delivered facilities of over £430 million to companies across Europe. We work by raising money through listed bonds and lending those funds to creditworthy businesses which can offer high quality assets as security.

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Track Record

No investor has ever lost a penny investing in Minerva Bonds

High fixed yields

Impressive, fixed yields you won’t see on the high street

ISA eligible for tax-free returns

Who are Minerva Lending?

Minerva Lending is a public limited company which is responsible
for issuing the loan notes which form the Minerva Listed Bond.

Who are InterestMe?

InterestMe is the business authorised to offer the Minerva Listed Bond for sale. It is a trading style of EGR Broking Limited, which is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Fixed-rate, asset-backed investments to help you take control of your financial future

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Minerva Lending is the intelligent choice for your money and your future

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Finance packages for modern businesses

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  • Find the documentation
    that is right for you and your investment. Clear, simple, quick.
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  • Reliable: Earn a fixed return up to 7% gross per annum, paid every six months
  • Listed: Our bond is listed, transferable and transparent
  • Protected: All our investments are secured against tangible assets
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About Minerva

Fair finance, rewarding returns.

We founded Minerva Lending on a simple principle: to offer financial services that are fair and rewarding. We always offer a good rate of return and treat our customers with respect.

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We lend money to companies mainly for the purpose of property acquisition or development in the EU. To qualify, you must meet stringent criteria set by us and have assets against which to secure the loan.

  • Finance options for established, EU-based businesses
  • As specialists in property finance, we understand the dynamics of your business
  • Our services are quick and efficient
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